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I’ve recently been dipping my toe into orhids. My first purchase looked like this when I bought it. Well, strictly speaking not: It was flowering very nicely, but the flowers are gone now. But it did come in this undrained … Continue reading

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Codiaeum variegatum IV

It’ll be clear from several previous posts that I’m a great fan of Codiaeum variegatum.  I’ve got seven or eight in the conservatory, all of them different cultivars.  New leaves are a fresh shade of green, but they invariably become … Continue reading

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Fatsia japonica variegata

We bought our Fatsia japonica variegata in August 2012 when it looked like this.  New growth appears at the top, and soon after we brought it home the plant extended its canopy with a bouquet of new leaves.  When they … Continue reading

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Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’ II

The very first post on this blog was on our Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii’ which is probably my favourite among all our conservatory plants.  Here’s what it looked like in May 2013.  It’s in the big pot on the table at … Continue reading

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Considering that we’ve got four Abutilons, it’s surprising I haven’t written about them until now. The RHS classifies them as hardiness zone H1b which means not hardy at all. It’s recommended to keep them in a heated greenhouse, so our … Continue reading

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Dieffenbachia II

We have two Dieffenbachias in the conservatory, both variegated. I wrote a post about the larger one in December last year. I’m not quite sure which cultivar it is (the other one is a Leopard lily according to the shop … Continue reading

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Lantana camara

L. camara is a tropical plant whose name my iPad is insistent on changing to L. camera! It’s apparently known as a dreadful pest in the US, being resistant to various weed killers, and poisonous so you can’t control it … Continue reading

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