Fatsia japonica variegata

We bought our Fatsia japonica variegata in August 2012 when it looked like this. 

New growth appears at the top, and soon after we brought it home the plant extended its canopy with a bouquet of new leaves.  When they had reached full size, it was maybe October so I wasn’t too surprised that the plant went dormant.  

In 2013, however, I experienced increasing frustration as exactly nothing happened.  No new leaves, no dropped leaves, nothing…

This year I’d more or less given up hope when I realised that a major side shoot appeared to be underway. It was tricky to photograph, but I hope this picture gives an impression. 

As you can see, it’s taken from the top and shows some substantial leaves growing from a shoot very near the base of the stem.  

And then, just as I thought the plant had decided to abandon its main stem, this. 

A whole new layer of leaves emerging from the top.  I’m chuffed!  They grow to a good size in a short span of time, and it’ll soon be an impressive specimen. 

I’m still mystified about the way this has panned out.  I can’t imagine it’s normal for the plant to spend a whole growing season without new leaves on the main stem… so I’m not sure what to think.  But let me not look a gift horse in the mouth. 

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