Dieffenbachia II

We have two Dieffenbachias in the conservatory, both variegated. I wrote a post about the larger one in December last year. I’m not quite sure which cultivar it is (the other one is a Leopard lily according to the shop where we bought it).

In December I wrote that Dieffenbachias don’t flower when grown indoors, since that was what I’d read. The problem with such a statement is that it’s hard to verify! It can, however, be falsified, and I’m happy to report that our larger Dieffenbachia did just that around 1 August. (It takes me a while to write these blog posts!)

As you can see, it was a flower in the same style as Spathiphyllum, the venerable Peace Lily: there was a sheath surrounding an inflorescence, although the shape and relative proportions were different from Spathiphyllum.

Here’s a close up of the inflorescence which only began peeking out after a long while.

Until that happened, it wasn’t even clear to me that the strange green tube growing on the plant must be a flower! Green isn’t the first colour I expect in a flower… and in any event, as I wrote, I didn’t think the plant would flower at all.

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16 Responses to Dieffenbachia II

  1. Puiman says:

    🙂 glad to see another post! 🙂

  2. Puiman says:

    it takes me even longer to grow!

  3. You are my unique reader…

  4. Puiman says:

    ps: i feel honoured. (:

  5. OK, I can see what goes wrong: there’s a little ‘Reply’ supposed to appear below your post, but it doesn’t and I can’t find a way to tease it out! So this will end up at the top level, not as a comment to what you wrote. Ah well.

    Advertise the blog more? Why not…? 🙂

  6. Puiman says:

    the loop function is certainly not at the optimal level o:

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