Lantana camara

L. camara is a tropical plant whose name my iPad is insistent on changing to L. camera!

It’s apparently known as a dreadful pest in the US, being resistant to various weed killers, and poisonous so you can’t control it by letting animals eat it. But it does have marvellous flowers, as you can see here, so we have four of these plants in the conservatory.

This is the largest one and it now needs a bit of pruning! It had been pruned when we bought it and had a nice crown, but I don’t want to prune it right now because it’s flowering like mad. It’s been flowering on and off since May, and I don’t want to remove any branches before it stops.

I don’t know which cultivar it is. For a while I thought it might be Miss Huff which also has yellow flowers, but one of our other plants is a genuine Miss Huff and looks like this.

The flowers change their colour dramatically as they age. They start out yellow, become orange, then eventually pink! It’s quite striking; I don’t think we have any other plants with flowers of three different colours at the same time, and it’s evident that the big L. camara can’t be Miss Huff.

We also have a Silver mound which we bought at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in July. Had I been a more diligent blogger, then I would’ve written a long post about the show, which was a major event that led us to buy about a dozen plants for which we have no room…

Anyway, the Silver mound had lots of flowers when we bought it.

It stopped flowering when we brought it home, perhaps because it didn’t get enough light. We don’t put new plants in the conservatory right away, as they may be infected with who knows what, and that makes it hard to find a sufficiently bright spot for newcomers.

However, we decided that enough was enough a couple of weeks ago, and as you can see, Silver mound has acknowledged its new, better position by growing another delicately coloured inflorescence.

Apart from the flowers, a striking aspect of L. camara is the strong scent they give off when one touches them. It’s richly botanical, slightly sour, and quite unmistakable.

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2 Responses to Lantana camara

  1. Puiman says:

    it looks like a little kindgom you have. 🙂 would you write in danish too?

  2. No, this is a blog for the UK 😉

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