Canna III

We’ve got more than one Canna in the conservatory these days, but this post is about the first one we got. I’ve written about it two times before, hence the title. I think we managed to discover the name of the cultivar: it’s apparently a Black Knight, and the leaves are, indeed, almost black.

The plant grew exceptionally well in the spring, presumably helped by being repotted in April, and it flowered in June. Here is a photo of the whole plant.

As you can see, the stalk with the flower had grown to almost a meter. With its big dark leaves, it looked striking already before the flowers appeared.

The flower buds formed a bouquet of sharp spikes which didn’t all open at the same time. Here is a close up from 19 June where some of the spikes can still be seen.

A couple of days later, on the 21st, all the flowers were out. There was even some sunshine, although this was before the current, unusual spell of real summer weather in Britain.

The bright red flowers had lashings of delicate yellow stripes and looked fantastic. They lasted for about a fortnight, then the whole stalk collapsed and had to be cut off.

I’m already impatient for next year’s display!

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